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Doctors graduate

Image of smiling graduating doctors

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Julia Le Jul 04, 2011

Graduation day. Celebrating the graduation of the first class of Trillium-Summerville FMTU family medicine residents are from left, Dr. Michael Kates, Trillium's chief of family medicine and director of the Trillium-Summerville FMTU; graduate Dr. Laurence Biro; Dr. Bachir Tazkarji, residency site program director; and graduates Dr. Casey Corkum Dr. Ravjit Ahluwalia, and Dr. Meileen Joynt. Missing from the photo is the fifth graduating resident Dr. Gaurav Puri. Supplied photo

Dr. Casey Corkum says doing his two-year post-graduate training at the Mississauga-based Trillium-Summerville Family Medicine Teaching Unit (FMTU) has been a tremendous opportunity.
"The comprehensive learning program has prepared me to care for patients confidently and independently," he said, adding he's been exposed to a great diversity of experience working in the offices at 101 Queensway W.

Corkum is among five resident physicians who are now graduating from the FMTU after completing the two-year comprehensive training program in family medicine while doing rotations in sub-specialties at Trillium Health Centre. The other graduates are Dr. Laurence Biro, Dr. Ravjit Ahluwalia, Dr. Meileen Joynt and Dr. Gaurav Puri.

Corkum and Biro plan to stay in Mississauga.

Corkum has decided to open his practice at the FMTU to treat local patients and mentor future residents, while Biro will be covering for local physicians while they're on vacation or leave.
Corkum says it's been an incredible learning experience thanks to the support of the patients, family physician tutors and the people in the community.

"Mississauga is a terrific place for me to begin my medical career," he said.

Nine new family medicine residents will begin their studies at the FMTU in Missssauga next week, bringing the total number of residents to 15. The new recruits come from the University of Toronto's post graduate program in the Department of Community and Family Medicine. The Trillium-Summerville FMTU is a partnership between Trillium Health Centre and the Summerville Family Health Team.

Dr. Michael Kates, Chief of Family Practice at Trillium and the director of the FMTU, says they're increasing access to health care by training the next generation of family doctors for the community and the province. Since it opened in July 2009, the program has helped more than 1,300 people access to a family doctor.

"We all have a stake in the success of the FMTU to ensure the residents are well trained to provide the high quality care our community deserves," said Kates.

For more information about the Trillium-Summerville FMTU, call 905-272-9900, ext. 2.